Monday, September 13, 2010

Is a black & white, a black & white, a black & white?

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Had some questions recently from some of my clients about editing style and, in specific, black and white photographs. These days most of my clients are opting with a black and white editing style (as opposed to sepia - which is very passe). Black and white is gorgeous, especially in high contrast (a wide range of between the blacks and whites in a photo). Yet a black & white isn't just a black & white. What I mean by that is there is a WHOLE RANGE of black & white styles.

As I process the images from each photo session, I look to see what black & white style would best compliment the client (depending on skin tones, lighting etc.) I don't like to 'flip-flop' between numerous finishes, so here are the basic ones I choose to use, just because I love them!

Keep in mind though, that if you have a personal preference, I am always willing to accomodate! Sometimes, it's just a matter of taste or home decor that dictates what you would like as a black & white option.

So, meet my black & whites. We have....

1.) Simply Black & White.


I call this one 'simply' black & white because, it's my 'basic' type of black & white style. It's pretty classic, and goes with a lot of different skin tones, without compromising the great contrast it has!

2.) Black & White - Rocky Road.


Think a little aged, a little touch of beige maybe..that old worn-out black and white style. I love using this with a texture finish!

3.) Red Velvet Black & White.


I like this one because it has some pretty warm 'reddish raspberry' tones in it. It's also the 'fussiest' black & white I use, because it only looks good on selective skin tones.

4.) Black & White - Truffle.


This is a really pretty one and as the name suggests, it has a lot of chocolate brown undertones in it.

and finally....

5.) Vintage Black & White.


It's got that 60s, Polaroid look. Black & white with a hint of blues and pale, pale taupe.

So there you have it! My black and white family. During the editing process, I play around to make sure the black & white I choose for each of my clients flatter and bring out the mood and theme of the photo session.

From this post I also hope that many realize that being a photographer is not just about shooting, but about creating artwork with each photograph - through lighting, composition and posing as well as creative edits!

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