Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"I thought about leaving something behind...something for my children and grandchildren to remember me by. Journals begun and forgotten - how does a mother of three find time to keep them up anyways? Then it occurred to me. My photographs speak of me, they are words unspoken, voices and emotion. They are my legacy, and they will be the testament of my life..as a mother, a sister, a daughter, a granddaughter, a friend. A tribute to the lives of those who touched me most, to those I have lost but who are alive in my heart. A tribute to life, and capturing the spirit of love in every respect. My photographs speak the volumes of my soul."

A tribute to my childhood babysitter, friend and beautiful bride ~ Lucy.

As kids, my brothers and I weren't left with a babysitter much. Actually, it scarcely ever happened. My parents immigrated from Italy, and they grew up much differently. The village raised the child, but to appoint a specific someone to watch your little ones while you were away? Just didn't happen.

But one year, Mom fell ill. Hospitalized, she needed someone to watch over her three children during a very trying time for both her and my father. So there was Lucy.

Our families were solid friends. And my brothers and I loved going to their place. We'd get pretty ecstatic about going there actually. We knew the fun that we would experience with Lucy and her sister Toni, and when we were at their home we never wanted to leave.

So my mother and father reached out and sought their help in watching over us. We were anxious, afraid of our mother's condition and many tears were shed. I, being the oldest, put on the strong front to be a support to my brothers. But Lucy and her family knew when I needed to be by my mom's side too, and I appreciated that.

Yet what I remember the most isn't the sadness or the fear. I remember the fun, the laughs that we always had with our beloved friends - with Lucy. Her smile could transform a horrible day into a great one. Lucy, our babysitter, was the funnest girl on earth, and her laugh carried us through.

I was the photographer for my babysitter's wedding just a few weeks ago. And as I experienced her joy alongside her, I caught her laugh. Her huge smile. And it brought me back to those childhood moments I will cherish always.

Love ya Luce.

Here are a couple of pics from that week. Forgive me Lucy, I know our hair was horrendous. Oh and um..my eyebrows. And forgive me dear Joe, for posting photos of you in make-up and "female" attire...I think you enjoyed dress-up a wee bit much.. :)


Lots of laughs!

Lucy on the morning of her wedding day..

Lucy, I was so honoured to have been a part of your big day. Thanks for all the great memories!

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